Devdtl is a program that generates the HTML code to display the detailed OverTime view of a particular interface. Devdtl generates 4 groups of graphs and, for I/O interfaces, also displays statistics based on the graphed data and the threshold, if not zero. Devdtl takes two parameters, the sysName and the interface. The sysName.mst file is read and searched for the interface. Parameters within sysName.mst then determine what y legend, labels, titles and threshold values are used in the output.


Devdtl then updates the RRD from the snmpCollect data if needed, generates the HTML and the graphic images. The graphic images are stored in separate files within the web server's OverTime directory under another directory that is also called the same as the sysName.


Devdtl generates HTML that is dependant on the environment it is run in. I.E. if it is run from a web server or command line. (See devmst above).