Devmst is a program that generates the HTML code that displays the most current graphs for each monitored interface for that device but without any statistics. devmst takes one parameter, the sysName. Devmst reads the sysName.mst file and generates a graph for each instance or group it finds in the file. If needed, the RRDs are updated from NetView's snmpCollect directory and then the most recent detailed graphs are generated for each interface/instance or group. The lines within sysName.mst then determine what y legend, labels, titles and threshold values are used.


devmst generates HTML that is dependant on the environment it is run within. I.E. if it is run from a web server or not. If run from within the web server by the user selecting a hyperlink, then the resulting page will contain further hyperlinks that will cause devdtl to execute for detailed views of the interface. If devmst is not run from within the web server, devmst generates HTML that has static links to other HTML pages that the user can generate by running devdtl and saving the output. Using this combination allows HTML and graphic files to be exported or moved to other systems for later display. The graphic images are stored in separate files within the web server's OverTime directory under another directory that is also called the same as the sysName.