Devupd is a utility that updates the RRD databases from the IBM NetView collected information (held in /usr/OV/databases/snmpCollect).
This utility takes just 1 parameter, and that is the name of the device to update or, more commonly,
the special keyword “--all” which indicates that all devices that OverTime is monitoring should be updated.
Devupd with the “--all” parameter should be scheduled to run on a regular basis when the system is not being heavily used to achieve bulk updates of the RRDs. Running “devupd --all” at say 7am and 7pm each day is normal practice. The tradeoff in how frequently to run devupd is that if it is run more frequently then it is using system resources to update files that may not need immediate update versus running it less frequently meaning that dynamic updates performed by devdtl and devmst will take longer when first used after the latest devupd.


A typical cron line to accomplish this would look like:

0 7,19 * * * /usr/OverTime/bin/devupd --all 2> /usr/OverTime/logs/upd.log 1>&2