Files and Directories.


The files and executables that make up OverTime are kept in 3 main directories. These files are explained below.


In the directory /usr/OverTime/bin are the following executables: devupd, otadd, otcullall, otdel, ottgts. In this directory you will find overtime.cfg which is the master configuration file for OverTime. Each of these files are explained below.


The directory /usr/OV/registration/C holds the OverTime registration file, overtime.reg. This controls where NetView places the OverTime menu items and what each of the menu items executes.


The CGI directory for the web server on the host machine holds the executables devdtl and devmst as well as symbolic links to overtime.cfg and olr.lic in /usr/OverTime/bin.


/usr/OverTime has at least 2 additional subdirectories, cfgs and data. /usr/OverTime/cfgs holds the configuration information held in files with names like device1.mst. /usr/OverTime/data holds directories, where each directory name is the SNMP System Name of the device being monitored. Within each of these directories are RRD files that house the data for that device.