Otcullall is a utility that was written to prevent IBM NetView’s data collection from filling up all available disk space on the IBM NetView server. otcullall prevents snmpCollected files from taking all available disk space by keeping only the last few days worth of data in each file. Otcullall takes a single parameter of the number of days to keep (called N here). otcullall looks through the /usr/OV/databases/snmpCollect directory for files being used to store snmpCollected data. It then examines the contents of the file to discover the period covered by the data in the file. If the data in the file is completely within the last N days, it is skipped. If the file is empty, then it is removed. If some of the data is older than N days, then otcullall copies the file from the cut off point into a new file. The old file is removed and the temporary file is renamed to the original. Otcullall keeps track of how much space it has retrieved so that the user can appreciate its benefits. Otcullall should be scheduled to be run on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb is that otcullall should be run every N/2 days.