Otdel is called from the IBM NetView OverTime menu when a “Stop Collecting Targets” is requested. It is passed the list of currently selected objects. If no objects are selected, the menu item will not be available. A similar algorithm to otadd is performed to determine what collections are to be removed.


If otdel detects that a collection to be removed is being used for threshold monitoring, then rather than the collection being removed, it is changed to not store the collected data and only the threshold is tested.


Otdel creates a temporary file that is then used to remove collections from snmpCol.conf.


Otdel also removes the master configuration file in OverTime/cfgs. This file’s name is the device’s SNMP sysName with an extension of “.mst”. (See above for the definition of this file).


Otdel then updates overtime.csv (see later) and the master HTML file, index.html.


Otdel also deletes and removes the OverTime/data/device directory and all the RRD data files.