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Overtime with Canopy

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Why OverTime Solo for Canopy?

You need your Canopy network monitored. No time to waste learning MRTG and perl. You need OverTime Solo for Canopy.

Canopy Network Monitoring with OverTime Solo

  • OverTime Solo will collect the most valuable SNMP data from your APs and SMs. OverTime is simple and fast to configure. You can be monitoring your Canopy network in less than 30 minutes and that includes installing OverTime from a self-installing package. For the first time, you can now have all the advantages of MRTG with a Round Robin Database (RRD from Tobias Oetiker, the creator of MRTG and RRDTool) but without the hassles.

  • Example of OverTime output
  • An XML template lets OverTime gather the essential Canopy data, automatically. Labels, titles and legends are also automatically generated from the Canopy configuration, saving you more time.
  • OverTime Solo tracks your AP to SM stats regardless of changes in LUIDs over outages.
  • Jitter, RSSI, dBm, internal temperature, Ethernet traffic are just some of the metrics that can be collected with OverTime.
  • You can have your own data collections added into, kept and displayed by OverTime. Any information, not just SNMP data, can then be kept and displayed. Maybe you need to know how well your web server is running or maybe you need to count cars passing your front door. With External Collections you can do these and more.
  • OverTime Solo runs on any Windows XP, 2000 or 2003 PC. No expensive high end system required.
  • OverTime can monitor your entire network as well as Canopy.


OverTime Solo runs on Windows 200x and Windows XP.