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What is Overtime?

OverTime is a software package that provides statistical web based graphs of selected network devices.
OverTime can either use HP OpenView (OverTime for HP OpenView) or IBM NetView (OverTime for IBM NetView) as a GUI front end to select the devices and to collect the SNMP statistics, or a stand alone version that does its own SNMP collections based on the device IP addresses you supply (OverTime Solo).
See all your network statistics OverTime.

How does it work?

  1. For I/O devices like routers, switches and hubs, OverTime uses SNMP to query the selected devices to see what Input/Output interfaces they have and sets up a Round Robin Database (RRD from Tobias Oetiker, the creator of MRTG and RRDTool). The RRD does not grow in size once setup. Labels for titles, legends and y-axis are automatically generated, but are easily modifiable by the user. OverTime creates the configurations for the data to be collected for it. OverTime updates an index HTML page with the new devices. When you want to see the information collected, you simply drill down from the index page and OverTime graphs the collected data. An HTML page showing the most recent and detailed graphs for each interface on the device is displayed, along with IO Errors for each interface and CPU utilisation on supported devices. All of the graphs on this device page are linked to more detailed views with four graphs being generated that show the information over progressively longer periods.

  2. Example of OverTime output
  3. OverTime is used to display PingTime collected response time information.
  4. You can have your own data collections added into, kept and displayed by OverTime. Any information, not just SNMP data, can then be kept and displayed. Maybe you need to know how well your web server is running or maybe you need to count cars passing your front door. With External Collections you can do these and more.
  5. Template collections specify what you want collected by OverTime for each kind of device. Define what you want collected and how it should be labelled using the information from the device.
  6. New devices are added or updated quickly and show relevant information for your site. Customise OverTime to your specifications.

OverTime makes the most efficient usage of the host system's resources by performing the least amount of work. No wasted processing of RRDs or generating never-to-be-seen graphs.