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What is the RPM?

The RPM System (RPM CM) enables data centers to monitor installations as small as a single PC and as large as an entire data center.

RPM CM is an easy to install and use infrastructure monitoring solution. RPM CM provides disaster prevention and early detection and warning of equipment failures. When conditions exceed user-defined limits, alert notifications are sent out via E-mail, SNMP or SMS.

The RPM CM creates a single interface for monitoring and control of virtual and physical data collected by daisy chain sensors® (RIMS). The user interface delivers real-time environmental, power, and security data. This critical data creates a complete picture of overall IT asset health.


  • Environmental, security, and power monitoring
  • Real-time power usage data for more efficient power management
  • Single console for monitoring and control of both physical and virtual environments
  • Preemptive notifications and environmental alarms
  • Maximize component life
  • Optimize cooling efficiency to decrease energy costs
  • Proactive power management during an alarm event
  • E-mail event notification and SNMP traps for defined system events


  • Daisy chain sensor® (RIMS) technology
  • Monitor and control PDU
  • Browser based interface
  • Password protection
  • LCD Screen
  • Alerts: Authenticated e-mail, SMS, SNMP traps, and audible buzzer
  • MIB file
  • Alarm Logs
  • Graphs
  • International power supply 120/240V AC