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What is SNMPower?

SNMPower allows you to remotely control power outlets.
  • Turn power outlet on/off.
  • Reboot computer attached to power outlet by turning power off and, after a small delay, back on.
  • Remotely controls power strips by providing a web based graphical view of the power strip.
  • Power strip can be controlled directly from the web interface or from a command line.

Where can I apply SNMPower?

  • Computer operations staff need to reboot a server in a remote location when the server locks up occassionally.
  • You have some legacy equipment that needs to be powered up for limited and controlled periods. These devices are spread across the country.
  • You need to be able to remotely power up additional equipment as and when the need arises.

Power strips can be obtained from Zantech.


SNMPower runs on web servers for Windows 200x, Windows XP, HPUX 11.00+, Solaris 2.8+ and RedHat Linux.