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Demonstration - SP8 Data Sheet

What is the SensorProbe8-X20?

Intelligent monitoring solutions for your Enterprise resources

Many different types of equipment and devices use dry contact outputs to send alarm signals to remote panels, remote monitoring systems, and building management systems. Communicating the status of these dry contact systems is important in a complex Enterprise network, or automation industry to protect the mission critical installations of expensive equipment.

The sensorProbe8-X20 is a next generation dry contact device. The SP8-X20 is based on sensorProbe™ technology with a set of advanced 20 dry contact inputs. It comes in a 1 U rackmount box. The SP8-X20 gives you complete control of your enterprise infrastructure security.


At the core of the SP8-X20 is the sensorProbe8, which is then married with the 20 dry contact system. This offers support for remote monitoring and management of various external devices. This integrated system enables connection and monitoring of devices like HVAC systems, Security Equipment, UPS, Generators, Industrial Equipment etc. The SP8 embedded web server makes the addition of these devices easy.

The SP8-X20 comes with 8 full autoSense RJ-45 ports for connecting any of our intelligent sensors. An additional 20, 2 wire dry contact ports are provided giving a total of up to 28 dry contact ports. The specially designed 2 wire dry contact ports are easy to use and allow you to make your own dry contact cables quickly and easily.

The SP8-X20 has an extended version with up to 68 dry contacts, called the sensorProbe8-X60.

The SP8-X20 has a completely embedded host and comes with a proprietary Linux-like Operating System. It is equipped with a TCP/IP stack, internal web Server, e-mail, SMS and Full SNMP functionality. It also comes with an optional, high-speed, TI DSP and 16-bit A/D Converter for the specific requirements of special projects, such as integrating power monitoring device. The SP8-X20 is virtually a 'plug n play' device and is extremely easy to use and maintain. The installation process is also simple and one does not need additional power supply or batteries when new optional sensors are added.

The SP8-X20 works with every intelligent sensor we provide. You can connect up to 8 of our autoSense sensors in any combination to monitor temperature, humidity, airflow, water leakage, security, detection of AC power line voltage, measurement of DC voltage, control relays, and many more such uses. Temperature, humidity and airflow can have an integrated data collection and graphing capability that is especially useful in spotting trends and providing information for analysis.

The new feature in sensorProbe8-X20 is, the integration with a single chip relative humidity and temperature multi sensor module comprising a calibrated digital output. The sensor includes a capacitive polymer sensing element for relative humidity and a bandgap temperature sensor. Both are seamlessly coupled to a 14bit analog to digital converter and a serial interface circuit on the same chip. This results in superior signal quality, a fast response time and insensitivity to external disturbances (EMC). By having both temperature & humidity sensors in a single sensor, the sensorProbe8-X20 can have up to a maximum of 8 temperature & 8 humidity sensors. This extends the capability of the sensorProbe8-X20 to maximum of 16 sensing parameters.


The installation of SP8-X20 is simple and easy, just plug in the device to your network, and assign an IP address. Use the IP address to access the web based interface through your browser. The new improved web interface gives you the freedom to configure the dry contacts and setting the alarms to keep you informed.

Online firmware update
The sensorProbe8's advanced encrypted micro code updating program can easily and effectively update your firmware over the Internet. The embedded database has an in-built time stamp that maintains a log of all events. This ensures that you don't have to spend valuable time or money looking for ways to upgrade your SP8-X20.

Integration with Network Management System

The SP8-X20 internal SNMP agent, means a tightly integrated solution for integrating with any of your SNMP based network management systems

Once configured, the SP8's Humidity and Temperature Sensors can be easily recorded by OverTime. OverTime finds the names for each of the sensors you have configured and even the scale (C or F) used and configures the appropriate collections and OverTime configurations.