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What is TrapSnap?

TrapSnap can capture surveillance images from web cameras of people entering secure rooms.
As an SNMP Trap daemon, it runs another program upon receipt of a particular SNMP Trap.
As an SNMP Trap monitor, it logs any or all SNMP traps for diagnostics or audit purposes.

Where can I apply TrapSnap?

You need to improve your security in your organisation. Something happened the other day in a secure room but the key used to enter the room belonged to an employee away on holidays. You need to keep a record of who entered your secure rooms, not just a record of the borrowed key that opened the door for 3 people to enter.
You want to actually see who entered the room by which door and when.
Sound familiar? TrapSnap can do it.
  • A sensor on a door to the secure room detects the door opening.
  • The PC running TrapSnap then receives a signal from the environment sensor telling it which door opened.
  • TrapSnap uses either Axis or Veo web surveillance cameras to capture an image.
  • TrapSnap can also use the inbuilt camera in a camerProbe8 and capture any other http delivered image.
  • The image is time stamped and stored on the web server for easy reference.
  • Images can be browsed by date, time and door.

Using TrapSnap to react

Something happened, a communications link failed, the room temperature is too hot, the floor has been flooded or maybe your SNMP device has recognised another critical condition. You want to take automatic action to correct the situation or alert someone. TrapSnap can put you in control of how to react.

When TrapSnap receives an SNMP Trap, you can have an application on the PC started and told about the problem. Maybe it will correct the problem. Maybe it tell someone what has happened. Maybe it will just log it for later review. Its up to you.

The PC application that TrapSnap runs can be a program that then sends the alarm out via email or as an SMS. NETic recommends and re-sells PageGate from NotePage for exactly this purpose.


TrapSnap runs on Windows 200x and Windows XP.